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English architecture

Front-facing gables capping high walls of brick or stone and refined cast stone are the defining elements of English architecture. When you combine that with an informal, non-symmetrical plan and an exterior design that may contain various complexities, such as dormers, well-crafted and dominant chimneys, exposed wood structural elements, and high pitched roofs, you have what is called English Country.

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English Tudor style architecture - 01 English country architecture-02 English Tudor style architecture - 04 Elizabethan style architecture - 05
English country style architecture - 06 Arts & Crafts archtecture - 07 English country architecture - 08 English country architecture - 09 English Tudor style architecture - 011
English Country architecture- 013 Elizabethan architecture - 014 English Country style architecture- 015 English country style architecture - 016 English Tudor style architecture - 017
English country style architecture- 019 English Tudor style architecture- 019 English Tudor style architecture- 019 English country style architecture English country style architecture