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The Story

About C.A. Nelson Architects

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Clayton A. Nelson AIA, IIDA

Since our inception in 1997, C.A. Nelson Architecture Group LLC. has forged a well-earned reputation for superior design. We are a full-service design firm, which passionately approaches each new project as a unique opportunity to artistically solve a given set of functional challenges.

Architecture is, at its best, Art with a functional purpose. Our philosophy is that Form Follows Function. Along with aesthetic goals, a home must be tailored around the individual lifestyle of its occupants, as well as the use and intended contents of each space. Beyond the fundamentals of shelter from the elements, it should work alongside you to simplify the issues associated with daily living rather than complicate them.

Additionally, we believe the most gratifying and the most often overlooked aspect of our work is the detailing. How the surfaces of structures are embellished provide the unique fingerprint among similar styles. Creative detailing is an art form, vanishing from the architectural Landscape. It is an opportunity to establish a language that articulates the very identity of the house, and your individual style, more than any other expression.

It is our pleasure and our commitment to create Genuine Honest Architecture, true to a given vernacular. We understand that there are no expensive materials or clever details that can compensate for a poorly conceived design. Ultimately, the value of every dollar that is spent on construction materials and labor is limited to the quality of the design.

Thank you for your consideration and we welcome the opportunity to participate in the design of your home.

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